Enterprise Development Forum & Marketplace is a business development event hosting industry specialists and professionals from around the globe, with a vested interest in doing business in Saint Lucia and the Caribbean region. This year’s theme is “The Economics of Doing Business” and will take place in a rich atmosphere for networking, and discovering solutions to the current challenges in the region.


The event format will be a forum with keynote speakers and panel discussions. Our panelists have been selected from various industries speaking on topics from place a knowledge. The event will also play host to exhibitions represented by local and regional players, seeking to establish business relations.

Nerdin St. Rose

Worldwide Tourism Development specialist with over two decades developing and leading successful marketing campaign for her clients. Nerdin's career has taken her around the world, working with many cultures across various industries, and with a goal to promote the brand efficiently. Currently, she manages Bornewell Holdings Inc.   

e| nerdin@bornewell.com

w| www.bornewell.com

Kezia Preville

Business Development Specialist with over 10 years of experience working with regional and national firms. Kezia is passionate about Marketing and Public Relations, working with clients seeking to enter new markets, provide stellar service and develop their Corporate Social Responsibility goals. Currently she manages AdVizze Consulting Inc and hosts the Job Fair Expo.

e| kezia@advizze.co

w| www.advizze.co

s| @advizze